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Innisfree Guesthouse

Innisfree Guesthouse is truly a wonder; it is of a time gone by. We are an Edwardian guest house of the highest quality. We have 9 bedrooms and they are all very well appointed. In addition we offer morning & afternoon tea and dinner parties; this makes us unique as it is based on a master servant experience.Our business is based on a small but high end accommodation with an emphasis on ‘’Service’’, ‘’Quality’’ and ‘’Value’’- three factors that we feel is the most important to our customers. The dedication from management through out and staff is creating what we call ‘’…an experience’’. We believe that’s why we were awarded the best Hospitality Provider in County Louth 2009.Please check our website for information on our events.www.innisfreehouse.ie

Contact Details:

Name of Company: DellaRosa&Carroll Enterprises Ltd. T/A Innisfree house

Address: Innisfree house, Carrick Road, Dundalk, Co.Louth

Telephone: 00-353-429334912

Fax no: 00-353-429357655

Web Address: www.innisfreehouse.ie

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