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Cervelo P3 time trial frame.

The Cervelo P3 is one of the fastest time trial frames in the world, surpassed perhaps only by the P4 from the same company.

The P3 frame from Cervelo carried riders home to both gold medals and four of atotal of six medals in the mens and ladies time trials at the Bejing Olympics.In professional bike racing time trials it has an unbeatable record.

The frame comes with an aerodynamic carbon seatpost and the 3t funda pro fork. Equip with your favourite Zipp wheels and make big improvements in your previous time trial results.

See photo of 2008 P3 from cervelo below.


For the best deals in the UK and worldwide on all Cervelo bikes and frames including the P2, P3 and other models contact Slane Cycles at www.slanecycles.com, or by phone at 02890 600040.

For best P3 prices visit slane cycles.

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